El Confidencial
'Lost in translation': ¿Por qué a los europeos les cuesta tanto entender a los americanos?
7th November 2020
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Inspire Magazine
How to Ensure the Success of Virtual Global Teams
5th November 2020
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Sputnik International
UK-US Talks on Post-Brexit Trade Agreement
2nd November 2020
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Women's Wear Daily
Tough Times Ahead for Europeans doing business with the US
2nd November 2020
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The i Newspaper
Brexit: A business bombshell or open opportunity?
20th October 2020
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Catalyst Magazine CIM
Foster the Special Relationship
16th October 2020
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The Sunday Times
How Steve Easterbrook, the wizard from Watford, cooked up a supersized McScandal
16th August 2020
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Edge Magazine
Winning in America
15th August 2020
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TALiNT International magazine
Trump visa ban to hit international agencies
15th July 2020
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The American mazazine
Book review
15th May 2020
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