Astellas Logo

Developed and delivered Chrysalis program to build global mindsets and cross-cultural skills for leaders of global drug development teams in US, Netherlands and Japan. 2009 - present.

Developed and delivered team alignment program for a strategically significant international drug development team. 2011.

Bayer Pharmaceuticals Logo

Conducted qualitative interviews with senior management in order to suggest management and marketing organisation changes and structures.  1991.

Designed and delivered in-company workshop on “Leading across Cultures.”  2016.

Biotest AG Logo

Designed and delivered in-company briefings and workshop on marketing pharmaceutical products in the USA on behalf of this Berlitz Cross-Cultural client.  2008.

Daiichi Sankyo Europe Logo

Developed and delivered 5-module global leadership programme for the Regional Business Directors of this leading global Japanese pharmaceutical business.  Commissioned by Said Business School Oxford University. 2013.

Designed and delivered a Senior Management development programme on leading in China for this international biotech company.  2017.

Designed and delivered a range of workshops building international business capability for this pharma company’s global management conference.  2019.

Co-designed and program directed leadership sessions within McKinsey for the IT leaders in this global pharma business.  2015.

Designed, developed and delivered “Working with Americans” programme for this leading biotech organisation. 2019.

Developed and ran strategic planning workshops to focus the Salesforce on consultative, value-added, revenue-generating services to in-hospital chemists, pharmacies and township hospitals.  Commissioned while at PA Consulting Group 1989-1990.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Logo

Developed and delivered workshops on “Working with Americans” and “Working with the British.” 2004 - present.

Developed and delivered management programmes “Working with Europeans” and “Working with the Danish.” 2008