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Marketing As a Force for Good?

As a current Board candidate for the UK's Chartered Institute of Marketing, I was asked to put forward some views on our profession and how I'd support the Institute's ambition... here's an extract from my candidate's statement, with ballots due no later than Nov 6th! 

Do you agree Marketing  is a force for good?

"As we know the potential of the Marketing function to be the commercial engine of an enterprise, it is severely neglected by most UK and international organisations in my view. Being a member of your Board of Trustees would give me the chance to help us change this, to continue extolling its benefits to businesses and the media in Britain and internationally.

The skills/experience I would hopefully be invited to add to your Board include: the establishment of a successful international marketing consultancy; 30 years of extensive media experience (including 4 years as Sky News’ weekly Muse of Marketing, 3 seasons on The Apprentice: You’re Fired); a network of 200+ clients across 24 countries helping internationalise their products, services and businesses; my work with CIM over the last 25 years as a speaker, writer and awards judge.

Contributing this track-record and achievements to expand CIM’s influence across the globe would be one of my ambitions if appointed. These include authoring best-selling book Working with Americans; included in the FTSE/Cranfield 100 Women to Watch; first ever two-time winner of Excellence in Practice Award for LBS and Oxford Said corporate learning programmes educating leaders in business and marketing strategy.

For me, CIM’s future lies in applying its influence in the UK and beyond via further partnerships, networks and collaborations.  Helping promote its impact on domestic and overseas businesses would be one of the many contributions I would expect to make as a member of your Board of Trustees."

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